Inherits: Spatial

Attach this as a child node of characters, so the voxel world will know where to load blocks around them.

If no viewer is present in the world, nothing will generate.


The voxel world uses the position and options of all the VoxelViewer nodes to determine where to load blocks, and prioritize updates. For example, a voxel placed 100 units away from a player will have much lower priority than the modifications that player is doing when digging in front of them.


Type Name Default
bool requires_collisions false
bool requires_visuals true
int view_distance 128

Property Descriptions

  • bool requires_collisions = false

If set to true, the engine will generate classic collision shapes around this viewer.

  • bool requires_visuals = true

If set to true, the engine will generate meshes around this viewer. This may be enabled for the local player.

  • int view_distance = 128

How far should voxels generate around this viewer.

Generated on May 31, 2021