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Utility class allowing to reproduce simple move-and-slide logic using only voxel AABBs, similar to Minecraft physics. This class may only be used with blocky voxels.

Store an instance of it within a member variable of your script, and use it within method Node._process or method Node._physics_process (it works wherever you like).

var motion = Vector3(0, 0, -10 * delta) # Move forward
motion = _box_mover.get_motion(get_translation(), motion, aabb, terrain_node)


Return Signature
int get_collision_mask ( ) const
Vector3 get_motion ( Vector3 pos, Vector3 motion, AABB aabb, Node terrain )
void set_collision_mask ( int mask )

Method Descriptions

Given a motion vector, returns a modified vector telling you by how much to move your character. This is similar to method KinematicBody.move_and_slide, except you have to apply the movement.

  • void set_collision_mask( int mask )

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