Inherits: VoxelStream

Base class for custom streams defined with a script.


Return Signature
void _emerge_block ( VoxelBuffer out_buffer, Vector3 origin_in_voxels, int lod ) virtual
int _get_used_channels_mask ( ) virtual
void _immerge_block ( VoxelBuffer buffer, Vector3 origin_in_voxels, int lod ) virtual

Method Descriptions

out_buffer: Buffer in which to populate voxel data. It will never be null and will have the requested size. It is only valid for this function, do not store it anywhere after the end.

buffer: Buffer of voxel data to save. It is allowed to keep a reference to it for caching purposes, as saved data will either be snapshots or only references left after removal of a volume.

Generated on May 31, 2021