Inherits: VoxelGenerator

Inherited by: VoxelGeneratorImage, VoxelGeneratorNoise2D, VoxelGeneratorWaves


Type Name Default
int channel 1
float height_range 30.0
float height_start -50.0
float iso_scale 1.0

Property Descriptions

int channel = 1

(This property has no documentation)

float height_range = 30.0

Maximum distance between the lowest and highest surface points that can generate.

NOTE: due to a bug in Godot's documentation tool, the default value shown here is not 30.0, but 200.0. This seems to be because one of the subclasses, VoxelGeneratorWaves, has a different default value, chosen for better practical results. This property also appears in some subclasses now, despite being defined in the base class.

float height_start = -50.0

Minimum height where the surface will generate.

float iso_scale = 1.0

Scale applied to the signed distance field. This is useful when smooth voxels are used, to reduce blockyness over large distances.

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