Inherits: VoxelGenerator

Voxel generator producing overhanging shapes using 3D noise.


Type Name Default
int channel 1
float height_range 300.0
float height_start 0.0
Noise noise

Property Descriptions

  • int channel = 1

Channel into which the generator will produce voxel data. This depends on the type of meshing you need.

  • float height_range = 300.0

Range of altitudes within which the shape variations will be found. The higher this range, the more overhangs there will be.

Shapes will start at maximum density near the base of the shape (low probability to find air), and progressively loose density until it reaches maximum height.

  • float height_start = 0.0

Base of the shape. Everything below it will be filled with ground.

Noise used as density function. It is required for the generator to work.

Generated on Sep 12, 2023