Inherits: Resource

Base class to all voxel procedural generators. If you want to define a custom one with a script, this is the class you should extend from. All implementations must be thread safe.


Return Signature
void generate_block ( VoxelBuffer out_buffer, Vector3 origin_in_voxels, int lod )

Method Descriptions

Generates a block of voxels within the specified world area.

out_buffer: Buffer in which voxel data will be generated. It should not be null and should be given the requested size. Do not keep a reference on it after the call.

origin_in_voxels: Coordinates of the lower corner of the box to generate, relative to LOD0.

lod: Level of detail index to use for this block. Some generators might not support LOD, in which case it can be left 0.

Generated on May 31, 2021